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We Recommend that Parents Follow the Immunization Schedule


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(left to right) Briana Militante-Kawaiea, Outpatient Clinical Assistant, Carla Morton, her daughter Sophia and son Callen, Dr. Jennifer Walker and Dr. Miki Cain.

Carla Morton’s family is just one of many families that have entrusted the Hawaii Island Family Health Center with their primary care.

Carla’s five children, ranging in ages 16 years to 9 months old, are under the care of Family Physician Dr. Jennifer Walker and Pediatrician Dr. Miki Cain.

“The physicians, nurses, and staff love caring for families like Carla’s,” says Dr. Walker. “We are happy to see little kids for regular checkups, while we monitor their growth and development and get them the necessary preventive care and immunizations.”

“It’s important to me for my kids to get their immunizations because I don’t want them catching anything,” says Carla who is a certified nursing assistant for a local home health agency.

“We recommend that parents follow the immunization schedule because it gives their children the best chance to fight these illnesses,” says Dr. Miki Cain, one of four Pediatricians who care for patients in the health center and at Hilo Medical Center.

“It’s hard for medical professionals to watch children suffer from conditions that could be easily prevented. Vaccines are safe and effective while protecting our patients from sickness like measles.”

In addition, having the clinic within steps of the main entrance of the hospital is “super convenient,” according to Carla. “I’ve brought three of my children for their appointment at one time. Also, the lab is right around the corner. Everything is in one place.”

The Hawaii Island Family Health Center cares for keiki to kupuna and is currently accepting new patients.

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